Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Class and other pointless diversions

So many of you are probably wondering...isn´t Kate supposed to be in class over there in Europe? Does she go or is she merely visiting Cathedrals? Well the answer to your question is I am definitely taking class. Right now it is the one detriment to my trip because it gets in the way of my sight seeing. The class is made up mostly of Wake Forest students, the second most populous group in class is the Austrian law students (or to be more correct the European students studying in Austrian since only two of them are actually Austrian)and then a small minority of American students who do not go to Wake Forest (me and Jocelyn). I know all this because the professor does an excellent job of reminding us daily by calling on using these descriptions and dividing us up into these groups. Class is divided into 3 parts, this week we are learning all about European and Austrian law, next week is all about the EU, and then we get into healthcare law.
The reading for the first day was all European History which was great cause I love that crap. The first day of class we went to the Austrian military museum. Now that´s kinda a funny thing, cause Austria is real proud of her military history and she tended to lose a lot of wars....a lot...and apparently the history they teach us in the US was TOTALLY wrong! Did you know Austria had nothing to do with WWI? Apparently (according to the tour guide)Everyone picked a partner and ganged up on Austria! Poor Austria. They WANTED to join the Allies, but they were the last kid picked in a kickball tournament (which makes sense because their military losses makes them akin to the fat kid who picked his nose in class). So they HAD to join with Germany. Poor poor Austria. And in WWII they didn´t WANT to join with Germany, but no one would come help them. So they were FORCED to vote to join Hitler and send ALL their men and boys into the Nazi army to help fight. They were so happy the Americans came....Poor poor poor Austria. Some of you may remember I described the movie "Troy" as analogous to WWII from the German´s point of view? Well I guess I should have said Austrian.
Right now we are learning about the history of European law and the structure of Austrian law. Its REAL dry. They don´t have case law in Austria so we´re learning theory without application. And there is no common law so everything is based on statutes. BLEH.
Last night we had our first social fieldtrip. We went to a Heuriger, which is a Viennese vineyard. Vienna is famous for these places (kinda like Napa). It was gorgeous!!! And they serve you wine and have a total Austrian buffet (FYI, they don´t put apples in pig´s mouths here..but the do make sure the head is staring at you as they cut it...very Lord of the Flies). It was nice to get to know the Austrian students better because I already have gotten to know the Wake Forest Students...even the cliquey clique who has either decided they like me and Jocelyn or just really don´t like the other group. Whatever the reasoning I now know everyone from Wake Forest and like them all. After a couple carafes of wine (they mix it with mineral water here because its soooooo strong) the Austrian students took us to a dance club. It was so much fun - they played all American music! However, it did not allow for much time for either sleeping or reading. SO now I am off to class to face the consequences!!

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