Friday, July 29, 2005

"It´s not fair that just becuase you´re lucky enough to be a quadraplegic you are allowed to take your own life"

Not much to say today. I took the opportunity to walk around the ring, which surrounds the inner city. Maybe not the best idea becuase it is 35 degrees here right now (That´s Celcius and I have no idea what that translates into in Farenheit but I think its somethink like 900 degrees - bonus points for anyone who can do the conversion for me). Anyway long sotry short - its hot here. It´s so hot (god this sounds like a set up for a joke) that people are rushing into buildings and standing in the foyers, just to cool down. Whole families. It´s pretty funny looking. All the trams and buses and subways are not airconditioned so I overheard one girl saying it felt like she was entering a clothes dryer (like what you dry clothes in). So basically I made it a garden sitting day. The gardens are probably what I will miss most about Vienna....okay maybe not, but it works with the entry for today so I´m taking creative license. The gardens are beautiful and a great place to sit and read or catch up on your journal entries. Turns out I was way behind on those so I´m glad I´ve been blogging. I said goodbye to Jocelyn and Beth today which felt soooo good after I left them. Not that I´ve been spending much time with them lately, but its getting so that every minute is aggrivating. Today Beth tried to tell me that almost no one in the US has visited NY and the entire state of Colorado has never been there..........then she tried to tell me that I only know people from California...........Umm I think this girl may live in her own private world. I never realized how picky I am with my friends so if you´re one of them you must be an amazing person and you should give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to an ice cream sundae cause I have determined I have strong dislike for most people. So that´s pretty much my day...nothing too exciting, but I feel as though I have definitely taken advantage of most things Vienna has to offer and now I´m just playing catch up with things I want to do before I leave. Tomorrow should be super exciting becuase I have shopping and packing on my list of things to do.

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