Monday, February 20, 2017

Mommy Mondays: A long long day in the life

This is me, keeping it "real"...yo.  Before one of my coworkers quit, because she felt work was too overwhelming, we had a conversation.  She doesn't have kids, and she asked me if they're worth it.  All the heartache, drama, stress, lack of sleep... And I told her the truth.  It is.   I'm putting that out there first, because after this recap, combined with the last one at 16 months, some of you may question why on earth anyone would sign up for this.

1:19am  - Thatbaby wakes up.  He's still sleeping poorly as he gets over his pneumonia, and I can tell he's having difficulty breathing as he nurses.  Which is part of the reason why I'm still nursing.  Because there's very little I can do to help other than provide whatever analgesic aid nursing provides.

1:49am - Thatboy takes over helping him back to sleep, so I can get a little more sleep. I manage to fall asleep before Thatboy gets back to bed.  Which is not an amazing feat.

4:27am - Thatbaby is up again, I play our brand of Russian roulette.  I bring him to bed with us.  9 times out of 10 he doesn't go back to sleep after 4am.  And then we're stuck with a screaming, crying baby in our bed.  Who also hits.  Today we get lucky and he nurses himself to sleep.  But not before...

5:15am - my alarm goes off

5:27am - I am able to extricate myself from Thatbaby and get up shower.  He's still sleeping when I finish, so I have a chance to start my hair, makeup

5:45am - Thatboy wakes up and heads out to walk Thatdog.

5:57am  - Thatbaby wakes up, I offer him some breakfast, to which he happily yells "GEHGER!"  He gets his yogurt while I finish my makeup and hair.

6:05am - I wake up Thatkid.  His latest sleeping attire means there won't be any pictures of him for a while...until he puts on some clothes.

6:08am - Thatkid eats breakfast at school, and likes to pack his own morning snack.  So I pack that.

Meanwhile, a little voice from the living room calls out "AWFUL!"  I make Thatbaby a waffle.

6:10am -  While the waffle is cooking, I tell Thatbaby it's time to get dressed.  He throws himself on the floor.  Then he starts making his way to his bedroom.

Once there, I get a whiff of something that does not smell like waffle. I change his diaper, do his breathing treatment, and get him dressed. 

Thatkid makes his way into the room (still not dressed) and starts crying that no one loves him, because I won't give Thatbaby an extra puff of albuteral.  Oh good.  It's going to be one of those days.

6:22am - I head to the kitchen and make myself a smoothie while packing my breakfast, snack and lunch.

6:33am - check on Thatkid, who is almost dressed.  I go to get myself dressed, but get distracted by laundry and put towels in the wash, then get dressed

6:45am - everyone heads out to the car, when we discover Thatkid doesn't have shoes on yet.

6:52am - The boys get into Thatboy's car and he heads off to drop them at daycare and preschool while I head to work.

7:38am - Arrive at work.  I grab a cup of hot tea and get to work preparing for a client deposition.

10:48am - Smoothie time!  Then it's back to work.

12:11pm - Major work crisis alert!  Surprise client depo prep session!  Luckily we have the bones of a prep memo, so I get to work on fleshing it out while I eat my lunch - a chicken sandwich on an English muffin.

2:40pm - Got the crisis under control, and go for my mid-afternoon pick me up.  Nutella and apple slices.

3:30pm- Close up shop and change into my running clothes.  Our switchup in the morning, with Thatboy dropping off the kids means I get into work a lot earlier, and I can leave earlier.  So I use this time to go for a short run before heading out to pick the boys up.

3:48pm - I hit the pavement.  I  rarely run the same route twice, instead picking random side streets and avenues to explore.

4:05pm- Back to the car where I hop in and head home.  Or home-ish.  I head to grab my littles from daycare/preschool.

4:48pm-  Arrive at daycare and grab Thatbaby.

4:57pm- Arrive at preschool and grab Thatkid.

5:15pm - My gas light went off on my way home.  What can I say, I live on the edge.  So we stop and grab gas on the way home.

5:23pm- We're home!  The next day is Thatbaby's last day of daycare, so I set him up to make a picture for his day care providers and Thatkid keeps him company.

5:40pm - The boys play outside while I throw the towels in the dryer.

5:48pm - Thatboy gets home and I make pizza for dinner.

6:05pm - dinner's ready!  We all sit down and eat.

6:32pm - Thatkid goes to clean his room,  and I start working on tomorrow's lunch while Thatbaby finishes up dinner.

6:38pm  - Everyone's done with dinner, and Thatbaby heads to bath.

6:53pm - I get called in to Thatbaby's room to nurse him and put him to bed while Thatboy does bathtime with Thatkid and washes dishes.

7:25pm - I join Thatboy and Thatkid in Thatkid's bed for a bedtime story.

7:37pm - I'm back in the kitchen working on lunches for tomorrow, chicken and peanut noodles. 

7:43pm - Go do a checkin on Thatkid, then back to the kitchen to make dinner, stuffed peppers.

8:11pm - The peppers go in the oven and it's workout time!  Tonight is lots and lots and lots of burpees.  Thatboy and I watch The OA while I workout.

8:30 pm- Thatbaby wakes up.  Thatboy goes in to check on him.

9:20pm  - I finish up the artwork for Thatbaby's day care providers.

9:42 pm- I log on to my work system from home and do a little more work while we watch television.

10:39pm - pack it up and go to bed

11:40pm - Thatbaby wakes again, this time it's my turn to go in.  It's going to be another rough night I fear.


  1. OMG. I was tired by 6:52 am. How do you do all that?! Super woman!

  2. I love this post. Your stamina is totally impressive -- and I love how you've found time for running. I need to do that with gym time.

  3. This is so refreshing! Love how REAL LIFE it is. Life as a working mom is no joke!