Monday, July 20, 2015

Mommy Mondays: 1 Month Update!

This is a little late, because we're closer to 6 weeks than 1 month, but I realized I never did this and I'd like to have some record.  Poor, poor second child.  The baby book is still waiting for me to get to it.  I feel like I have so much less free time this maternity leave.  I JUST finished thank you cards last night.  I'm awake for more hours, but with Thatbaby in addition, I just feel like I get less done.  God help us all when I start back at work!

Thatbaby is growing like a little chunk.  We didn't have a 1 month appointment because he had gained so well at his 3 week appointment.  Which means we won't be back until August!  He's currently in the 46th percentile for growth.  

Doing this for the second time has made things so much easier.  I feel like I have a better handle on everything.  There's so much less unknown.  Even having Thatboy go back to work earlier didn't phase us too much.  We dropped Thatkid down to part time at preschool, which means 2 days a week I have both boys on my own.  And I survive!  Soon I'll post about how we make it through one of those days.

I feel like having a summer baby is infinitely harder than a fall baby.  It's so hot!  And like I said before, Thatbaby gets dragged all over the place.  And to avoid the sun, we end up covering him most of the time, which is even hotter I'm sure.

Like his older brother, Thatbaby is not a huge fan of the stroller.  I'm sure it's carseat related since he hates the carseat.  He'll tolerate the stroller for 10 minutes, but after that it's scream city.

Thatkid had his first bath fairly early, but it took a lot longer for Thatbaby's umbilical cord to fall off, so he got his first bath shortly before he turned 1 month old.  He does not like the bath as much as his older brother did.  He's fine if he's already calm and quiet at bath time, but if he's the slightest bit upset, he spends it screaming.

We've got our routine pretty much down during the day.  He chills in the vibrating bouncer while I shower, then I wear him to get things done around the house, or we chill on the couch napping.


The novelty of a little brother hasn't worn off on Thatkid yet.  He still adores Thatbaby.  He picks out "socks" for him to wear every morning and loves to cover him with blankets.  His primary concern seems to be that Thatbaby might be too cold.  He comes up with nicknames, some sweet like "Little Cutie Pie" and some less sweet like "Poops and Pees and Cries."

He still always wants to hold, carry or look at Thatbaby.

He loves to translate Thatbaby's cries.  "He's crying because you're talking and he wants it to be quiet."  or "He's crying because the car is going slow and he wants it to go fast."  Although most of the time the translation is "HE'S HUNGRY!"

Introduced Bottle 
Last week we decided to introduce the bottle.  Breastfeeding has been going really well. Thatbaby latched perfectly from the get-go and I never had any nipple pain/soreness/bleeding.  All the same, we didn't want to mess with something that was going so well.  Pumping too early can actually have the opposite effect of what many people think and lead to supply issues - both oversupply and undersupply.  Now that breastfeeding is fairly well established we wanted to make sure Thatbaby will take a bottle so I don't have to be around all the time in case he gets hungry.

With Thatkid, I left the house and went for a run while Thatboy tried the bottle.  This time around I haven't gotten back to running lately (harder to find the time with two and Thatboy back to work so early!) so Thatboy just introduced the bottle at bedtime.

It did not go as well as with Thatkid.  I don't think it's because I was home, but Thatbaby was far more reluctant to take the bottle.  It actually might be because he wasn't as hungry.  With Thatkid, I would nurse him around 5/5:30, Thatboy would bathe him and give him another bottle about an hour later.  Thatbaby isn't hungry an hour later, so instead Thatboy has been doing the "first night feeding" which can be anywhere from 7pm to 12:30am.  Thatbaby is much happier taking a bottle then when he's hungry.  We're reusing the Tommee Tippee we used with Thatkid since we have so many.  I just replaced all the nipples.  

Newborn Photos

Leah came down again to do our newborn photos.  I love how she's been a part of all our big life events.  Plus I love the moments she captures. 

Next Appointment: Tuesday, August 11
Sleep: Usually every 3 hours.  Sometimes he's up every hour.  Saturday night he woke twice, every 5 hours.  I reaaaaaalllly hope he keeps that up.  It was amazing to get so much sleep!


  1. Aww love that this post is so full of pictures!! He looks a lot like ThatKid, but also different. But majorly adorable all around!

  2. Happy one month (or 6 weeks) old! He is gorgeous!