Monday, July 27, 2015

Mommy Mondays: 6 Weeks

Getting Bigger
I can't help but compare the boys.  I know this is going to get me in trouble, but it amazes me how different they were/are as babies.  And a lot of this is related to size.  At 6 weeks, Thatkid was still going to the doctor's for a growth check.  Thatbaby got the ok at his 3 week appointment, so I actually have no idea how much he weighs now.  Thatbaby was almost a full pound (14oz) heavier that Thatkid, and 1.5 inches longer at birth.  So it's no surprise that Thatbaby outgrew his newborn clothes before Thatkid did.  For the most part.  I make stringbean babies, so the problem is that due to his length, he's too long for newborn clothes (but really a little too skinny for 0-3 months).  He's been in size 1 diapers as soon as we ran out of his first package of newborn sized. 

Speaking of diapers, I made the rookie mom mistake of not checking my bag to make sure there were diapers and wipes when I went to pick Thatkid up from preschool.  So of course there was a poop on the way there.  Using my quick thinking skills I figured one of the backup pullups in Thatkid's cubby would do to keep the carseat dry until we could get home to diapers.

Meet the Family
Because his Bris occurred on a Tuesday afternoon, Thatbaby still hadn't met most of the family until this past weekend.  Thanks to Baby B's first birthday he got to meet most of his cousins!  At this point he's met almost all our friends and family, with the exception of the families of Thatkid's preschool friends.  Thatboy and I were discussing getting them together sometime soon for a little "Meet the Baby." 

With the exception of Saturday night, when Thatbaby went back to his every 3 hour routine, he's been doing amazing with sleep.  He usually goes to bed around 7pm and wakes up around 1 or 2am.  Then again around 4:30/5am.  He tends to be up for the day around 7am.

While Thatkid couldn't be put down drowsy but awake, Thatbaby is fantastic at it.  After I feed him at night, I can put him right in his crib and he'll fall asleep.  

During the day he's been napping on me, either on the couch, or in the carrier, but trying to take advantage of his ability to fall asleep on his own, I've been trying to put him in the crib this week.  I am very successful for his first morning nap.  Except it only lasts for 45 minutes.  The rest of the day I can't seem to put him down without him waking up, smiling, and ready to go.  But I'll keep working on it.

My Checkup
I had my checkup this week and almost passed completely.  I still have a weak bladder, so I've got 2 more weeks of strengthening that before I can do jumping jacks or the like.  Which means that this week I've been really focusing on squats and core strengthening.  I'd love to start back running again, but I need to figure out a time to do so.  With Thatkid, I could head to the gym after Thatboy got home from work, but now I have to take care of Thatkid during that time.  And weekend mornings aren't as easy for me to leave the house, since I can't guarantee when Thatbaby is going to wake and need to eat.  I'm hoping things get more regular soon. 

Our Nighttime RoutineThatboy h been back at work for weeks now.  And the first week back, it was hard.  I kept asking to implement a routine and he really wanted to put that off.  But now we're back in the swing of things.  When Thatboy gets home from work, he takes Thatbaby, gives him a bath and bottle, and puts him to bed.  Meanwhile I'm starting dinner with Thatkid.  Thatboy comes out and joins us for dinner.  I give Thatkid a bath, and we all do storytime together.  That gives Thatboy and I an hour to relax (and me to pump to make up for that bottle Thatboy used) before I head off to bed at 9pm.

Thatbaby went on his first train ride this week!  He also got to visit his new friend, Little Little LO.  And take a trip up to his Aunt and Uncle's house for his cousin's first birthday.  Thatbaby still HATES the car, however he fell asleep in the car several times this week, which is a HUGE deal for me!  Although once he wakes, he's completely an inconsolable mess.

Weight (me): +11
Weight (Muppet): +1lb (at 3 weeks)
*REAL smiles!
*Naps in crib! (kind of)


  1. Can't believe thatbaby is so big ALREADY! What cuties!!

  2. Soon... That baby is going to be That kid two!!! It is so amazing to see how fast they can grow.