Monday, July 06, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Maternity Staples

I already posted alllll about my quest for the perfect maternity jeans, but here's the rest of what I wore over the past 9 months.  By 38 weeks, all my tops were getting a little short, but since I figured a baby would be coming anysecondnow I didn't want to go shopping for longer things.  In retrospect, with 3 weeks to go, I should have!  But we all have 20/20 hindsight.

Tank tops - These were mostly a holdover from my previous pregnancy, when I was pregnant all summer long.  Just basic, easy colors like black, grey, and pink.  While last time around I was a big fan of the Target Long and Lean tanks, this time I preferred the Old Navy maternity tanks.

Short sleeved shirts - still a big fan of the Gap Pure Body tees.  In fact, I thought I would use them alone for the pregnancy.  And then I kept getting bigger and bigger.  So I picked up a couple more tees from H&M and Macy's.

Long sleeved shirts - Being pregnant mostly in the winter, I ended up having to pick up quite a few long sleeved items.  Back to Gap for Pure Body tees, and a black turtleneck - which is a staple for any wardrobe.  I also grabbed a long-sleeved polo as a step between casual and work.

Sweaters - Likewise I needed a couple maternity sweater.  I got this oversized one from Gap, which I ended up not loving. 

Instead I mostly made use of the striped sweater and cardigan I got last time around, and this super soft grey sweater.

I didn't buy too many bottoms this time around, other than jeans.  I used mostly my regular pants, and skirts with elastic waists.  These are the few exceptions:
This skirt by JoJoMamanBebe which I fell in love with at first sight.

And a pair of khakis for when I needed something a little dressier than jeans.

And some grey, elastic waist pants I'm still making use of!

 Being pregnant in the summer last time around means I lived in dresses. They're just cool and easy.  This year I picked up a couple more long sleeved maternity dresses for colder weather and to dress up with a suit jacket for work. Simple, dresses in black, navy, or my favorite cold weather staple - this one in an oatmeal color.

 Or how to survive being in a suit environment when hugely pregnant.  Obviously I didn't want to invest in a whole new wardrobe since it's only for a short period of time, but I had trials, hearings, mediations, depositions - all sorts of things I needed to dress up for.  So I did invest in a few basic staples. 

Like a white button down.  Which is essential for any wardrobe anyway.

For court, a maternity 3-piece suit: a blazerpants, and skirt.  Look for sales!  I got all 3 pieces for less than $60!

I also got grey dress pants from Loft, which I paired with my grey suit jacket.  I found judges to be unbelievably forgiving about not buttoning suit jackets when you're hugely pregnant.

In addition to the shirts above, I also picked up a couple extra shells to wear with my suits.


It still gets cold here in the winter, just not super cold, so I knew I'd need some options for winter.  I ended up going with a simple denim jacket and cropped black jacket

 And after hemming and hawing about getting a coat for our trip to New Jersey, I ended up with this winter coat. I'm glad I did after our blizzard experience!


In my very humble opinion, no maternity wardrobe is complete without the Bella Band. It's the reason I didn't have to buy more bottoms, and could get away without buying more shirts at 37 weeks.

Thatbaby weighs: 9lbs 3oz
Next Appointment: Tuesday, August 11
Sleep: Hit the 3 week growth spurt last week, which meant that nice long stretch in the beginning is gone.  Now he's either up every hour, or every 3 hours.  But I'm really trying to get better about going to bed earlier when I can.
Best moment this week: Thatbaby HATES the car, but after his doctor's appointment on Thursday he fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep while we drove to the mall and got some shopping done!
*Thatbaby can focus on faces and turns toward our voices.
* Cooing!


  1. Sounds like finding good maternity clothes is even harder than finding good regular clothes! Yikes.

  2. I pretty much lived in yoga pants from Old Navy for most of my pregnancy. Lately, I've had a real challenge finding nice nursing tops. I don't understand why stores sell nursing tops that require you to expose your entire boob. I just bought one of those tank tops that stops below the bra so that I can wear up a regular shirt, but still be covered when I'm nursing.

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