Monday, December 10, 2012

Mommy Mondays: In The Bag

The very first purchase I made when pregnant was my diaper bag.  In a lot of ways, this is one of the most important purchases because until I went to work, I used the diaper bag every day.  It basically holds your entire life for the period of time you have a small child.  I stopped using a purse except on days when I'm kid-free.

Which is why it was important to me that my diaper bag could pull double duty as a purse.  I've convinced myself that no one could tell this isn't a regular purse!

My second consideration was size.  It needed to be big enough to carry my life inside (and still close)!

So what are my daily necessities?  What's in my bag?

Health related:
  • Mini first-aid kit with bandaids and neosporin
  • anti-bacterial hand wash
  • boogie-wipes
  • vaccination record
Diaper related:
  • Changing pad
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • diaper disposal bags
Feeding related: 
  • bibs
  • stick on disposable placemats
  • nursing cover
  • snacks (right now I've got dried blueberries and yogurt stars)
  • water bottle
Clothing related:
  • Change of clothing
  • extra pair of socks
  • sweatshirt
  • beanie
  • sunhat 
  • toys and teethers
  • lip balm (for me)
  • A&A blanket
  • baby sunglasses
  • burp cloth


  1. Green with envy at your cool bag!!

  2. I did the same thing! The diaper bag was my life line. It is nice when there is no more diaper bag and you treat yourself to a nice designer

  3. I just splurged on a Kate Spade one at the 75% off sale :). I need to add first aid kit and sunhat to mine. Still getting the hang of what I need when we go out!

  4. That is a lot to hold in your Kate Spade diaper bag!

  5. I am totally amazed at how much stuff you fit in there!

  6. What's in there for mom:D Just a wallet and a lip balm...wink.

  7. Just what I needed to see! I just packed my bag (even though I'm not taking it to the hospital) and I need to throw in our mini first aid! Such great ideas!!

  8. I love the "what's in the diaper bag" posts. I watched youtube videos on the topic before getting my own bag. I use a backpack: Baby Sherpa. Never got over the student phase.