Monday, June 25, 2018

Mommy Mondays: Dinosaurs and Ice Cream, a Roaring 3rd Birthday Party

This year Thatbaby wanted his birthday party at the local children's museum.  They had several themes to choose from, which included activities at the museum.  Thatbaby picked the fossil dig - so a dinosaur party seemed to fit well with that.

His other request for the party was ice cream.  And inspired by one of his favorite books, I decided to incorporate that into the theme. 

Guests were greeted upon arrival with a reminder of that theme - dinosaurs and ice cream cones dotted the entry way.

The outdoor space where the party was held didn't really have walls, so I made use of a lot of hanging decorations in the open spaces.  Lanterns and hanging ice cream cones were strung along the sides.

The tables featured dinosaurs enjoying their own ice cream sundaes.

Dinosaurs ate ice cream on the kid's water bottles, and their lunches were packed in little dinosaur lunch boxes.  Inside were dinosaur shaped turkey sandwiches, "dinosaur eggs" (grapes) and cheese crackers marked with dinosaur footprints.

Of course there was food for the adults too.

And the dessert table held cupcakes, ice cream cone shaped rice krispie treats,

Bone-shaped meringues

Dinosaur head cake pops

And of course, what would an ice cream and dinosaur party be without an ice cream sundae bar.  With bone shaped sprinkles, dinosaur shaped sprinkles, gummy dinosaurs, and dinosaur eggs,

And the fossil dig was a lot of fun for the kids.  They started with the kids on the edges of a sand pit with trowels, digging for fossils.

They found claws and dinosaur teeth.

They then moved into the sand pit and began carefully brushing the much larger dinosaur fossil buried there.

We let the kids dig into their goody bags early.  They were filled with toy dinosaurs, dinosaur and ice cream erasers, dinosaur and ice cream tatoos, a dino claw excavation kit, and the hit of the party - ice cream cone poppers.

Because we had the party at the museum, the kids also had access to all the regular museum activities.  And most of the dinosaurs found their way to the water table for a little swim.

Thatbaby had such a great time with his friends, playing and eating ice cream.  Another party down!


  1. Happy birthday to the little one! He grew up so fast!

  2. Oh my gosh! So cute!! I love the theme.