Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Runday: Wrapping Up 2016

This would probably be a more fitting post for next Sunday, the last Sunday of the year, but the last Sunday of the year also happens to be Christmas.  And I don't know if I'm going to get a post up.  So look at me!  All ahead of the game!

This year I ran 18 races. That includes 1 half marathon, 3 10ks and 13 5ks and 1 one-mile race.   I'm pretty sure that's the most races I've ever run in a single year.

The year started off really well in terms of my running.  Had two resolutions, one was to increase my running, and one was to run all the holiday races.  Well, as far as the first resolution went, I did great for about 6 months.  I ran almost every day.  It was only once I started my current job that it became much harder to keep that up, and I definitely noticed a difference.

My second resolution was much easier to keep!  I managed to get a run in for most major holidays! Some of those races were great, and I'll be adding them to my permanent race schedule, and others...well, they didn't make the cut. 

Here's my breakdown of what I ran this year.

Races I loved:
Resolution Run - New course + great swag!
Sweetheart 5k- Hard course, but the kind of trail run I know I can conquer
Fit Foodie 5k  - I mean, duh guys.  You know how much I love this race, it never disappoints.
Carrera de los Muertos -My favorite course, so much fun, great entertainment on the course, very family friendly.
Jingle Bell Run  - Family friendly with so much to do before and after the race itself.
Mother's Day Run - Okay, so this one is really in there because it was my fastest race of the year!   I really want to get back there.
Grape Day 5k - Gotta love a small community race.
Mardi Gras Run - Despite a poor start to the race, that was on me.  The race is well run and lots of fun.
Zombies Run Virtual 5k- I love everything about Zombies Run, this isn't any difference. 
Sharon's Ride 5k- Another family friendly race, I've got a lot of them on the list this year.
Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon - Really?  I have nothing bad to say about a beautiful run through the forest.
Legoland Miracle Mile - I'm super bummed we can't run this again in 2017.  It is the PERFECT run for kids.
St. Patrick's Day 10k - This one is definitely going on the list for next year!  I thin the family would love to join in the post-race festivities too.

Races I didn't love:
Cinco de Mayo Trail Run- I can't believed I paid for this kind of torture.  This was one of the hardest, least enjoyable races I've ever run.  I don't need to conquer it!
OC Turkey Trot - the course was super flat, but also a little boring.
Scripps Ranch Ole Pro - I'm really glad I did this race, but I'm okay not doing it again.
Spooktacular - The race was fine, but nothing spectacular
Surfing Madonna- This race may be getting too big for its britches, it was very disappointing this year.

I can't wait to see what 2017 holds in store!

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  1. You are so strong having your work, kids and racing! I admire you for that!