Monday, December 19, 2016

Mommy Mondays: You Rock!

Yesterday as we were driving, Oasis came on the radio.  Thatboy and I both started singing along, reliving our high school days.  A small voice piped up from the backseat "What happened to our Christmas music?"

You see, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it's Christmas music all the time in our car.  But even when it isn't, we don't do a lot of radio play.  Both my kids love music, but they listen to curated playlists more than the radio. 

Thatkid has his very own playlist, filled with his favorite songs.   Although recently we've been doing a lot of musicals instead of pop request.  Hamilton, Peter Pan, even A Little Night Music.  He's somehow decided that every song that exists must be from a show of some sort.  I don't think it helps that a lot of the Christmas movies we've been watching feature Christmas songs we all know and love.

As for Thatbaby?  He loves nothing more than dancing.  I was rocking out in my car this morning to Los Peces En El Rio while he watched from the kitchen table.  When I came in, he grabbed my hands and started bopping.  This is how a lot of dance parties start in my house.  I'll start singing something, and he'll dance, begging for "muh" if I stop.  Of course, Thatkid joins in - singing, dancing or both.

Thatboy and I both love the fact the kids love music so much.  Thatboy definitely thinks of himself as some sort of indie-music loving hipster while my interests cross just about every musical genre.  I think it's this variety and our own love which has our boys so into music.  That and it's constantly playing.

I'm not against screen time.  Goodness knows Thatkid watches his fair share of television, but when I can I try to throw music on instead.  Which is the other reason we have dance parties.  If I'm up early with the boys, I throw on music while I make breakfast.  We often listen to our Victrola during dinner.  And of course, there's always the car!

I have memories of family sing-a-longs in the car when I was growing up, and I hope my boys have the same!


  1. That's awesome they're already into music. Some of my favorite memories are driving around aimlessly with my dad blasting Chicago or Blood Sweat and Tears.

  2. We listen to so much music with Remy (she was Beatles-obsessed for the first four months of her life) and I definitely think it's made a big difference!

  3. My son used to dance so beautifully at that age. And then he grew up and stopped because he became shy!