Friday, March 04, 2016

Suddenly Spring: Chocolate Ice Cream Soda

I'm loving the weather lately.   It means my morning runs are not quite so cold.  It means we've been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying it.   It means it's time to reintroduce ice cream.

I'm weird with ice cream. I know there are people out there who love it.  I'm married to one of them, and the daughter to another.  I don't love ice cream.  I mean, I like it okay, but it's not a "need to have" thing for me.  If ice cream is offered for dessert, I'm just as likely to pass.  And I'm really uninterested in the winter.

I just have no desire to eat cold things in the winter - with the exception of salads, which I adore year-round.  Ice cream for me is strictly a summer treat.  So now that it's getting warmer, the idea of cold, creamy ice cream sounds really appealing.  And I especially like it in drink form.  Because I'm super lazy, and straws require less effort than a spoon.

Milkshakes are fine, and I do appreciate a good milkshake, but if we're going for low effort, a cream soda is the way to go.  No blender to clean, it's a one-cup recipe.  Just put in 3 ingredients and stir.  Which gives you more time to sit back and sip!

Chocolate Ice Cream Soda
3 Tbsp chocolate syrup
1 cup sparkling water
2 scoops chocolate ice cream
  1.  Mix everything in a tall glass and stir.


  1. I could eat ice cream as a food group! And drink a chocolate ice cream soda for breakfast. That would be ideal.

  2. Such a great idea! We drink sparkling water like it's going out of style... and you can't go wrong with chocolate!