Monday, November 30, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Nursing Clothes

When I wrote about my pics for maternity clothing, I got a note from one of my favorite blog-friends complaining about the void that is the nursing-friendly wardrobe.  And really, she couldn't be more right.

While the market for maternity clothes covers all your non-maternity favorites, the same cannot be said about nursing-friendly clothes.  I remember after having Thatkid my entire nursing wardrobe consisted of a couple of nursing tanks and nursing bras, and I just made do with layering them under regular shirts.  Dresses?  Almost completely retired from my wardrobe for the year I exclusively nursed/pumped.

The problem with nursing clothes is that they're just so...shapeless?  unflattering?  and of course, with giant slits in the front or on the side, they are entirely obvious.  And really, it's a shame that so much is put into the maternity clothes racket and not nursing clothes, since maternity clothes are often worn for a shorter period of time.

I had pretty much resigned myself to another year of a very limited wardrobe when I happened upon Love Milk.  The clothes were just so beautiful, I was completely surprised they were nursing friendly.  I ordered something, a dress.  Because a dress I could nurse in seemed like the holy grail of nursing clothes.

When my package arrived in the mail, I was giddy with glee.  Do you see the color? A deep, rich, royal purple.  The material was some of the softest I've felt.  Which is important.  I mean, you want your clothes to feel good, right?  And the although the dress was a little on the clingy side, it was so ridiculously flattering.  Another important aspect of good clothing. I was instantly sold.

I next ordered one of Love Milk's shirts.

Another gorgeous, vibrant, saturated color.  Flattering and comfortable. And equally perfect for wearing on the weekends with jeans as it is under a suit to court.  And let's talk about nursing access.  The folds and draping perfectly hide the areas where you can artfully place a baby's head.

This is me nursing Thatbaby.  In public.  In my beautiful shirt.  Anyone see anything inappropriate?  It covers just about everything.  And that drool stain on the arm only makes it more attractive, right?

I wrote to Love Milk to tell them how much I love their clothes.  And how I plan on living in them for the forseeable future.   And they sent me some items to review and tell you about.  Because they rock.  And it's no surprise that I love theses clothes as much as those I purchased.

The Ella shirt is a great casual shirt.  I like that the neckline is low, but not obscenely so - another problem with maternity and nursing clothes.  And as much as I love the jewel-tones of the previous pieces, this slate blue shirt goes with pretty much everything.

Charlie is so sweet and feminine with its lacy neck detail.  I wear this to work about once a week.  It looks fantastic under a suit, paired with a skirt or slacks.  I have a similar non-nursing shirt that I also adore, so I knew I'd be a fan of this.

But my all time favorite Love Milk item is the Tara Sweater Dress.  What don't I love?  It has the colors I love.  It's ridiculously comfortable.  And the neckline is so much fun!  I really love cowl necks, but they can get really stretched out with nursing.  This one doesn't.  And it perfectly hides the nursing access, which includes a built in cami top. I plan on cuddling up in it all winter long!

Love Milk is the kind of company that I can really get behind.  I think my stance on breastfeeding is pretty clear, and anything that makes it easier for a nursing mama gets my vote.  Being able to look and feel beautiful during that time really helps in that regard.

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  1. I hate that I can wear dresses when I was breastfeeding... Nice to know that Love Milk is doing well in transforming breastfeeding mums into pretty mums :D