Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Toddlers in the Desert

At the end of last year I was talking to L&O about our recent Palm Desert trip and she complained that she never gets to go to the outlets because Mr. L&O is not a fan.  So I suggested we plan a joint vacation so that the boys could hang out by the pool while the girls hit up the stores.

Last month we all headed out to the desert for a little R&R.  Less R&R for us since we were mid-move, but it was still nice to get away from it all.  It was even nicer to watch our boys enjoying each others company.  Both of them, as soon as they got up in the morning, asked where the other was.  They wanted to spend every minute with each other. 

We took them back to the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Although between you and I, I think the dads were more interested in the museum than the kiddos.

L&O told me that their trips to the desert involved lots and lots of pool time.  And so we spent lots and lots of time at the pool.  Which made the boys very happy.

I brought noodles for the little guys to go crazy with.  They both wanted green.

L&O brought the boys squirty guns.  Which they also really enjoyed.  Little LO took great pleasure in nailing us with his water.

There was also lots of throwing in the air.  Which is great fun for everyone.

And it's always nice to have an extra set of hands around toddlers and a pool.

One of the highlights for both the boys were nightly ice cream cones on the patio.  Not so much a highlight for the laundry, but clothes are replaceable.

We introduced the L&O family to Norma's. Thatbaby had a great time showing Little LO around the grounds.

This may have been Thatbaby's favorite vacation ever.  He loved having a partner in crime.  Although I'm sure they also taught each other new and different ways to drive us all crazy.

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  1. I think joint vacations are so fun when little kids are involved!