Thursday, May 06, 2010

Andale! Andale!

Thatmom's friends have been very impressed with her running lately. Last year at this time, she was prepping for her first 5k in many many many many many years (yeah, Thatmom is pretty old). This year she's racking up the races right and left!

I think one of her friends, Silver Fox, is excited about the possibility of having a running buddy. See, Silver Fox is a REAL runner. Not like Thatmom and I. Silver Fox has actually run marathons! You know, marathons, those really long races where people run for hours on end for miles and miles (over 26 to be more exact). And so, when Silver Fox found out Thatmom was running races, she suggested they do one together. But a baby one. A 5k - a distance Thatmom knew she could handle.

And Thatmom called me up and asked if I would join them. Since I was going to be in town anyway. I pointed out we were running a race the following weekend, and was she really going to be up for both? And that's when she pointed out to me that she chose this race because "there's a beer garden, and I thought that you'd like that." As a side note, it worries me a bit that my mother, who used to concern herself greatly with the amount of alcohol I consumed in college is now picking out events during which I can voluntarily show off my alcoholism. As a side side note, it worries me a bit more that the suggestion of a beer garden after the race had me readily agreeing to run.

And so on Sunday morning, Silver Fox met us at Casa de Thatmom so we could head out and run the Cinco de Mayo 5k. (I know, I was confused also by the fact that it wasn't actually Cinco de Mayo.) Silver Fox had us laughing and gasping about her last marathon experience which was the OC Marathon, a race which was taking place on the same day. She has horrific memories of running in the rain, as people threw banana peels on the ground, causing her to faceplant in the middle of her race. You can understand why she stopped running after that.

No PRs were set at this race, but as usual, we all accomplished the more important goal of finishing. And we had a great time doing it. And because it was Cinco de Mayo, the expo after was filled with Fiesta type food - actually, it was the most food intensive expo I had ever been at! Thatboy was most excited about the free Taco Bell. I might have enjoyed the free churros more. Free food does taste better.

And now a little confession. The last post I posted the recipe for the buffalo chex mix, but I only made half of it. I know. It's the least juicy confession you've ever read. You were probably expecting something like dead bodies in the basement, or finding out that I'm actually a 90 year old man. Sorry friends. Anyway, the point of the story is that I was left with half a packet of ranch dressing mix. And then Thatboy mentioned that he had accidentally forgotten to tell me that he had to bring in something for a work party....the next day. (He is SO lucky he's cute sometimes). So I decided to use the half packet to make one of my favorite things- spinach artichoke dip. And I put it in a bread bowl, because Thatboy is not fantastic at bringing home my plates and servewear that he brings in to work.

Spinach Artichoke Dip
1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt
1/2 cup light sour cream
1/2 pkg ranch dressing mix
6 oz marinated artichoke hearts, chopped
5 oz frozen chopped spinach (thawed)
4 oz water chestnuts, chopped

1. Combine yogurt, sour cream, and ranch dressing in bowl.
2. Add artichoke hearts, spinach, and water chestnuts.
3. Refrigerate 1 hour, or until ready to serve.


  1. 你可以從外表的美來評論一朵花或一隻蝴蝶,但你不能這樣來評論一個人........................................

  2. Mmm, spinach artichoke dip without mayo - my hero :)

  3. Spinach artichoke dip would be a must after all that running.

  4. leave it to me to be totally attracted to the superficial: i LOVE your shoes. love. them. so. much.

  5. I didn't even notice your shoes until Wan mentioned it. Heh.

  6. You're on a roll with these races! Funny story - was jogging at a nearby path and another jogger went by saying, "wow -- I rarely pass people". I resisted the temptation to beat her up and discounted her comment because the woman was built (she had the muscle definition of a lifetime athlete).

    That spinach dip is a weakness of mine. I avoid making it -- it's too good.