Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Chanukah Oh Chanukah: Edible Menorah

It was another successful Chanukah here in Thathouse.  We watched Chanukah movies, read Chanukah books, and sang Chanukah songs.

Every night we would light the menorah. The boys took turns with this part of the tradition.

We wore our Chanukah pajamas.

We made latkes.

And I tried out a Chanukah challah.

Even Thatdog got in on the action.

On the last night of Chanukah we headed to the Hotel Del Coronado for a "Chanukah on Ice."  

The Hotel Del calls their ice skating "Skating by the Sea" because it's right on the sand of the beach.  We make it a point to go every year, and going to celebrate Chanukah was the best way to experience it.  It was especially meaningful to me because I grew up without a lot of Jewish kids around, and my children are in a similar situation in their schools.  So to have them surrounded by other Jewish kids who celebrate the same things they do was something I wanted so badly when I was young, and something I wanted them to experience.

There was even a sand-menorah!

The Minions made a special guest appearance.

Once we got on the ice, Thatkid took off.  

On the other side of the spectrum was Thatbaby.  This was his very first time on ice!

I told Thatboy that Thatbaby has taken to ice the way Thatkid took to water - not very good, but very overconfident.  And he loved every minute.  He had already been asking to start ice skating lessons, so I promised him that after soccer was over, we would sign him up.

We did a quick run into the Hotel Del to see the Christmas tree and their menorah display.

The menorah is the key symbol of Chanukah and they come in all shapes and sizes.  Just scrolling through the pictures here you can find 5 very different menorahs! In our house, we also have wooden toy menorahs, and felt menorahs, and wooden placard menorahs.  We have a menorah surplus.  I thought I would add one more menorah to our collection, with a little help from my kids.  This menorah is fun for them to make AND eat!  

Edible Menorah
4 oz white chocolate
9 pretzel sticks
yellow sanding sugar
1 banana
  1.  Melt the white chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler.
  2.  Roll the pretzel sticks in the white chocolate to coat completely.
  3.  Dip one end of the coated pretzel stick in the sanding sugar and place in the banana.
  4. When placing the pretzel sticks, press 8 of them down as far as you can into the banana, and just place the last stick in so that it remains taller than the others, to represent the shamash.  I placed mine in the middle, but placing it on either end works also!