Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday Runday: 2017 in review

It's the last day of the year, and everyone's doing it.  Doing what? Wrapping it up.  Typing up the year with a big bow,  as though it were a present. 

It's a time of reflection, and even if no-one rose cares,  I like to look back on the year to see what races I should be planning for the next!

This year saw a decided downhill curve on my races, a lot at the beginning, but by the last third of the year I was mostly just doing run-walks with Thatkid. I never came any closer to my sub hour 10k than in February, and my speed overall took a nosedive this year.  I did 15 races. That includes 3 half marathons (2 I did not train enough for), 5 10ks and 7 5ks. 

Here's my breakdown of what I ran this year.

Races I loved:
Star Wars Half Marathon - I'm super bummed that this is the end of the Disney races.  I had planned on this becoming an annual tradition for Thatkid and I, along with a family trip to Disneyland.
Cardiff Kook 10k - Early on I declared this my favorite race of the year.  I love the course, and the distance is great.
Run the Solar System Virtual 10k - A storyline to keep you distracted and entertained while you run? I'm all in.
Encinitas Half Marathon - I did two inaugural half marathons this year, this was the good one. Same course as the Cardiff Kook, but longer!
Vista Strawberry Run - This course was harder than I anticipated, but well worth it.  Everything surrounding the race is top notch, as aide from the killer hool, the course is great.
SD Fair 5k - A fun run through the fair!
Heart and Stroke Walk - I didn't realize how much I missed the old Balboa Park route until I got to do it again. 
Fit Foodie 5k  - New course, new running buddy, same great race. 

Carrera de los Muertos - I loved that I got the whole family to join in the festivities this year, even if my ruining buddy ended up being more of a walking/ dragging buddy. 
Jingle Bell Run  -  Year after year, I love this race. 
Sharon's Ride 5k-  Next year I'll hoping to get the whole family to come! 
Del Dios 10k - not really fair,  since I walked it, and I probably wouldn't have liked it as much if I had run the hills. But I liked that it was close and how well they took care of their runners. 

Races I didn't love:
Hip Hop 10k - I'm never a fan of having to run the same course in laps.
Craft Classic - boring course. I did it as a birthday run with a friend,  so here's hoping she'll change her birthday next year. 
Vista Beer Run - noticing a theme? I love beer, but I think I'm done with beer runs.

OC Turkey Trot - the course was super flat, but also a little boring. 

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  1. 15 races in a year is AWESOME!! And I think what you get out of running with your kid is more important than pace times. So great to expose him to exercise and the beauty of running!