Monday, August 15, 2016

Mommy Mondays: 14 months

Weight: 23lbs (+14bs 12oz) (leftover from 12 months)
Height: 32 inches (+10.5 inches) (leftover from 12 months)
Head: 18.4 inches (leftover from 12 months)

Sleep:  Still bad.  I'm so beyond over it at this point, since by now Thatkid was sleeping through the night.  Thatbaby is not.  Not only is he not sleeping through the night, but he doesn't nurse to sleep.  Even when Thatkid woke, he would eat and go right back to sleep, Thatbaby is up up up.  He hates sleeping.  It takes us forever to get to sleep, and if he wakes, forever to get him back down.  Whcih time is marked by screaming and thrashing.  It is not good times.

Eating: Still loving watermelon.  I keep a bowl in the fridge, which he has figured out and loves to dig into it.  He comes running whenever he hears the fridge open.  He's also much better with drinking whole milk, which has not lowered his desire to nurse on the weekends.  He has also discovered smoothies this month, which is an easy breakfast go-to for the boys. 

Best Moment:  He's walking!  This feels like a big deal because we thought it was going to happen earlier.  He was so much faster with physical development than Thatbaby, and Thatbaby was walking by 13 months.  It's really hard not to compare.  But I now have 2 mobile children.  (although I would much prefer having 2 children who slept through the night)

Monthly Wisdom: It's not my place or my story, but I'm coping with some heavy stuff right now, so my monthly wisdom is to remind myself how lucky I am.  That even the worst of what I'm going through is better than what others are dealing with.  It's all about perspective.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- more sleep, for everyone

Things Thatbaby is doing:
- teething: another tooth this month
- walking
- waving at cars/buses/trucks that pass by
- "tickle tickle" : he attempts to tickle you on command while saying something that can be translated as "tickle tickle"
- words: He's still not saying anything recognizable, other than maybe "Dada" but he's really started communicating.  With the pointing and signs, he does a pretty good job of getting his wants across.
- His new favorite book is "Pat the Bunny Birthday."  He loves to sniff the scratch and sniff pizza, pat the bunny, find the bunny under the bed, and blow out the candle.
- Scootering.  He figured out how to use Thatkid's scooter and he's amazing at it.  He pushes himself up and down the paved part of our backyard.


  1. He sure has "adorable" covered!
    My second son was WAY different in the sleep stakes than my first. My first son sleeps happily, even now (he used to hand us his blankie and say "nigh night?"). The little one says "I WANT THE BIG BED" (ie, I want to sleep with my mama and daddy).


  2. Aw look at him!!! Growing so far for ya!! Isn't it crazy to think that before you know it, he will be going off the college!

  3. So cute! And good luck with the sleeping - that's so hard on the parents :(

  4. Time really flies! I don't believe it's been 14 months already!Good luck with sleeping! My son was like that! Restless night and day! He is 13 now and still his night sleep is not smooth.

  5. I love that he loves WATERMELON!!!!! High five to a healthy eater!