Monday, June 09, 2008

Top Secret Favorite

Thatboy is a man of simple tastes, but don't tell him that. He likes to think he has the tongue of a gourmand. But some of his favorite ingredients are those I never keep on hand because really, why use bisquick when you can make pancakes from scratch? And why use lemon pepper when you can use fresh lemons? But he loves them so I always keep some around for a little treat for him. As for rice, his two favorites come from a package - Uncle Ben's wild rice, and Far East's rice pilaf. In fact, one of his favorite dishes I make is just a mix of canned or frozen veggies, cooked chicken, and rice pilaf.

However, I don't always have boxed rice on hand. I do always have basmati and brown rice though. So when DH asked for his usual, I decided to improvise. I subbed in basmati rice for the rice pilaf, and for some added flavor I mixed in some homemade caesar dressing (its so easy to make, and once you make your own its hard to justify buying it. If anyone wants lessons feel free to stop by because I always end up trashing the excess anchovies and I hate the waste).

Almost Sante Fe Pilaf
basmati rice
1/2 cup caesar dressing
1 can black beans, rinsed
1 chicken breast, cooked and diced
1 can Mexican corn
4 green onions, sliced

1) Prepare rice your favorite way. For me, that's in the rice cooker.
2) Toss rice, beans, chicken, corn, green onions, and dressing.


  1. i'm all about super simple dinners :)

  2. That looks good!

    I don't do caesar dressing WITH anchovies (allergic to pretty much anything from the sea), but I could always improvise like you have.

    I like this blog. :)

  3. Hubbs' tastes are so simple sometimes I fall asleep at the stove. Zzzzz....

  4. Yum! I would probably add some cilantro since I'm a cilantro freak these days. This would be a great use of the leftover chicken in my fridge.

  5. Often simple dinners are the best and this one sounds like no exception to that!

  6. the teen swore off caesar salads ever since she learned there were anchovies in the dressing. i, on the other hand, LOVE that.