Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Runday: 2018 Wrap Up

So the end of the year came and went, and with the sprained ankle, there was a lot less running than there usually is.  I've picked it back up now that I'm all healed and better.  Plus that's always a fun way to start the new year.

I've also been lax, because here we are, 2 weeks into the new year and I haven't really summarized the old one!  But at least it's still January.

Last year was the year of the 10k, and I ran a fair amount of them.  While 5ks and half marathons are plentiful in my area, 10ks aren't as common, and most of them are stuffed into the beginning of the year.  (Probably when all us resolutioners are signing up for every race we can!)  Which is a real shame, because I have such love for the 10ks here in San Diego.

The Cardiff Kook 10k has a beautiful view, which makes the entire course worthwhile.

St. Patrick's Day 10k has a fantastic beer garden, and the course is flat and fast.

My only complaint is that the Strawberry Run changed their course, so it's all pain with no reward.  Thatkid has already expressed interest in doing it this year, but I think I'll drop down to the 5k - no sense in running up that hill for no reason!

As the kids get older, and Thatkid gets more interested in running with me, I tend to do a lot more 5ks than I did before, and they're a lot slower as I run/walk with Thatkid.  And as I was putting this together, I realized I never blogged about the Jingle Bell Run, which we do every year - so let me quickly remind you that it is AMAZING, always one of our favorite races, and maybe even better with the new course this year.

Of course there were the old favorites like the Sharon's Ride, The Grape Day 5k, and the Fit Foodie.  They make the calendar every year, and I don't see that ending any time soon!

Ghouls on the Run was a new 5k this year, that we really liked.  I can't wait to do it again next year without an aircast on!

With my focus on 10ks, I only ran 2 half marathons this year, The San Diego Half Marathon and Revel Mount Charleston.  I don't forsee me repeating either of them, but I do forsee a lot more Half Marathons in my future.  More on that really really soon!

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