Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Runday: OC Turkey Trot

There is no shortage of Turkey Trots available to run on Thanksgiving morning.  In fact, according to the race announcer (and I have not verified this) it's the second largest running day of the year. In San Diego alone there are at least 5 events.

BUT since we spend Thanksgiving in Orange County, I decided that it would be more convenient to run a Turkey Trot up there, instead of running in San Diego, heading home, and then rushing up to Thatmom's house.

The Orange County Turkey Trot was close, cheap, and easily accessible from the freeway, so that made the cut.  I chatted with Thatmom about running with me and she was all in.  Once Thatkid found out we were running, he wanted to join us.  Which meant less running, more walking, but if you haven't figured out by now, I never tell my little running buddy that he'd only slow me down.

The night before the race, Thatmom texted me to let me know that she had hurt her back and wouldn't be able to participate in the race.  With grandma out, Thatkid wasn't really gung ho on 3 miles, so on the way to race he asked if he could participate in the kid's race instead.

The race had a later start, which could be dangerous, so I was very appreciative of the brisk, fall weather that rolled in the day before.

The race had several corrals - "Elite" for 6-7 minute milers, 9-10 minute milers, "general" runners, walkers, and "strollers or things with wheels."  I jumped in to the 9-10 minute mile corral and got ready to run.

So this race, I can count on one hand the number of races I've run that are billed as "flat" which are definitely not flat.  Almost every "flat" race course has a couple little hills.  But this course was actually flat!

The course was out and back, around Irvine Valley College.  And the hilliest part of the entire thing was a speed bump we had to cross.

I can't say much about the course other than the fact it was flat and easy.  It wasn't the prettiest scenery around, but they definitely tried to jazz it up with an inflatable...arch?  I'm not sure the significance of the arch as it didn't coincide with any mile markers.

Between the first mile and the turnaround point there was a special aid station.  Water and whipped cream shooters! 

And then came the turnaround point.

The way back was obviously the same as the way out - whipped cream and inflatable arches along a nice, easy flat paved course.  Really, it was an easy enjoyable run.  Eavesdropping on other runners revealed that for many of them this was their first race.  And I would highly recommend it as a first race, with the caveat that it could have been a really hot miserable course if the weather wasn't quite so accomodating.

There was no great goodie bag or race swag at this race, but Suja was out in full force, which I always appreciate at a race.

And instead of a beer garden, there was pumpkin pie for all!  Two great ways to start the holiday right?  Running and pie?

After I finished my race, I hung out with the family for a bit until the kids races started.  They were broken down into age divisions.  Thatkid was slotted into the 5-7 year old division.  They ran 400 meters.

Thatkid is far from the fastest runner, but he runs his little heart out.

And he's so proud of his accomplishment.  Which makes me happy.  This time he was able to put his shirt on before the race started.  He wore it the rest of the day, until I made him change for dinner. He brought his medal to show every at our Thanksgiving meal.

It was a good race for both of us.  I love the fact that we can both take part in an activity.  My little running buddy makes these races a real family affair.

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  1. Whipped cream shooters? Pie?! This is my kind of race!!! Way to go getting your Turkey Trot on!