Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sunday Runday: Sharon's Ride 5k

It's about to get very race report intensive around these parts.  Which seems to happen to me every April/May.  Lots of races every weekend.

Sharon's Ride.Run.Walk for Epilepsy has become an annual tradition in Thathouse.  (If you consider anything done two years in a row a "tradition.")  Mostly because we are part of Serena's Crusaders, a team that does the race in support of Serena, SD Mom's daughter. I don't know Serena all that well, which is fairly appropriate since she's 6 and I'm....much older.  But I do know SD Mom, and I do know how Serena's health concerns affect her.  There is very little I wouldn't do for my friends, and supporting them through a race seems a very low effort way of showing I care.

This year the whole family attended.  Which meant Thatkid got to share his giant slide time with his favorite giant slide partner.
 Thatboy and I both learned the hard way that you need to lift your elbows up on the giant slide.  We each left a little piece of ourselves behind that day.

Thatkid once again took advantage of the free facepainting.  Lord love the kind face painter who quite obviously had no experience with drawing a Spiderman face.  And lord love my child who never seems to care about anyone's artistic abilities.  (This comes in handy when he wants his mom to paint his face also. No one told me that I should have taken some art classes prior to becoming a mother.)

I hadn't planned on this race being much of an actual race.  I did it last year when I was 34 weeks pregnant, so how strenuous could it be?  Famous last words.

As soon as he could get around the crowds, Thatkid took off like a rocket on his scooter.  We left his father and brother far behind us as I ran to keep up with the little dare-devil.

Too often I found myself admonishing him with "no more trick riding" or "you can't just leave your scooter in the middle of the race" as he ditched it to take off on foot.

He found this method especially effective in getting around groups of walkers.

Of course, all that running tuckered him out.  And with Thatboy pushing the stroller far behind us, that left me, once again, pulling the scooter while Thatkid rode.

Or carrying it completely while he walked across the finish line.

After the race we booked it out of there to hit up the baseball game so we didn't get to enjoy the barbecue lunch or popsicles.  But hey, there's always next year!

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