Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Runday: Fit Foodie Part 2

The last day of the Fit Foodie race weekend began with a choice between Sunrise Yoga or Power Bootcamp.  I was torn between the two, but ended up going with the yoga, led by Kristin McGee.

The class itself was great.  I haven't done yoga in a number of years, but was still able to follow right along.

After yoga, there were more goodies and vendor giveaways.

Yoga was also followed by a brunch.  They turned all of us loose on a buffet of healthy goodies following our morning session.

Fruit, cheese, egg white frittata, yogurt, and granola

I ended up sitting next to Ms. McGee at breakfast, along with several of the representatives from City of Hope and Health magazine.  

 Overall, I really enjoyed my experience as an ambassador.  The race itself was great, and one I would highly recommend.  The weekly gifts were a serious perk.  My only complaint about the entire thing, was that I wish more was done to help us ambassadors get to know each other and become a more cohesive group.


  1. Clever you, getting a picture during the yoga - I could barely keep up with her, much less get my phone up and snap a photo! :)

  2. I love the concept of this whole weekend, but i agree it would probably be more fun if you guys got to know each other a bit beforehand!