Monday, July 22, 2013

Mommy Mondays: Favorites 12-18 months

Last year I tried to cram in Thatbaby's favorite things as the holidays were upon us.  This year I thought I'd get a bit of a jump on it.  So without further ado, Thatbaby's favorite toys from the time he was 1 until he was 1 1/2.

Rockabye Rocker.  We got the horsey, but there are loads of different models to meet your child's every whim.  Thatbaby loves this so - even now.  It plays 4 different songs, and although Thatbaby has only now discovered how to push them himself, he always loved us pushing them so he could rock and rock n roll.   He's turned himself over several times rocking so hard and has scared us with his daredevil tactics of standing on the horse's back.

Active toys are Thatbaby's favorite.  He is always climbing, running, and jumping.  I adore this little Trampoline because it folds up flat so it doesn't take up a lot of room.  Thatbaby loves to "bounce bounce" and it grows with him.  When he first got it, he held on to the rail and bent his knees up and down.  Now he's bouncing like mad up and down, feet flying into the air.

As I said, Thatbaby's favorite toys are active toys.  The Fisher Price Rock Roll & Ride Trike is another great one that grows with him.  It starts off as a rocker, but since we already had the rocking horse, there was no need for that and we went straight into trike mode.  With a little footrest and a high back, right now we push Thatbaby around on his "bike bike."  Eventually I'm looking forward to him peddling himself.

We have several sets of blocks and Thatbaby loves them all.  He's a big tower builder - and knocker downer.  I like these Mega Bloks because I can easily bring the bag with us places like vacation or my office.

Thatbaby is still very into Balls!

It should come as no surprise that Thatbaby loves his train set.  He has the Chuggington Interactive Railway Set which I highly recommend.  The trains interact with both the railway stops and each other.  Thatbaby loves to push the buttons and make them talk to each other, or push them past areas to make the train stops talk.  He especially likes it when the Roundhouse sings the Chuggington song, or says "On Your Tracks, Get Set, Go!"  I like the fact that we can give him one of the trains for holidays and special events.

Thatbaby is also still into cars and trucks.  Same cars as I've already posted and any other ones you can get your hands on.  He really likes ones that light up and make noise .  This B.Toys Firetruck gets run into the wall over and over again.  Lots of lights, lots of noise, lots of movement.


  1. Love, love that trampoline. I have to share that with my sister in law for her grandson. He would love it!


  2. I would have killed for a trampoline as a kid!