Monday, November 26, 2012

Mommy Mondays: Cruisin'

Thatboy and I spent a looooooong time picking out a stroller.  We went to several stores and gave most of them test-runs.

On the one hand, I'm glad we did.  I LOVE our stroller.

On the other hand, it probably wasn't necessary to do quite so early, since we barely used the stroller for the first few months. 

As I recounted earlier, Thatbaby HATED his car seat.  Which meant he didn't take too kindly to having his car seat strapped to the stroller, so we wore him most of the time.

At first, during baby-blob stage, however, the stroller allowed me to get out and stretch my legs before being given the all-clear to resume normal activity.

Of course, during this time, he usually slept.  It was once he stopped sleeping all the time we retired the stroller for a bit.

Okay, so this is our stroller - The Baby Jogger City Elite.

And why I love it so much:

* Adjustable handlebars: This is fabulous for if your husband is a foot taller than you are.  We need the handlebars at different heights, and this allows us to do so.  It makes it really comfortable for both us us to push.
* Air-tires: Okay, this one I didn't really care about, but it was important to Thatboy.  He felt this stroller handled better than any other stroller we tried.  Including the one he was pushing for before trying it out.  I won't name names or anything, but it was a really popular brand that's 3 letters long.
* Reclines flat: Which makes it really great for naptime.

* Front wheel lock: Which means I can lock the front wheel for rough terrain, and unlock it for easy turning.
* Giant sun canopy: Which makes it perfect for pool/beach time.

* Moon roofs: I'm not really sure what they're called, but there are clear panels I can cover or uncover and keep an eye on the little guy. There's also ventilation areas that can be covered/uncovered depending on the weather.
* One step quick fold: This is my all time favorite thing about the stroller.  To fold the stroller, all I have to do is pull up on a strap on the seat.  So I can hold the baby with one hand, fold the stroller and put it in the trunk of my car with the other.  ONE HANDED STROLLER PUTTING AWAY IS AMAZING.

Even though I run, I decided to wait on getting a jogging stroller since they can't be used before 6 months anyway.  By the time Thatbaby hit 6 months, I decided that I valued my running time, sans-baby, so I decided not to get a jogging stroller.  I love not having to worry about the baby while I'm running, it's the only time I can really focus on just me!


  1. I've always thought I'd be the mom with the stroller but I'm thinking maybe not so much now! I do love my ME time. :P