Monday, September 03, 2012

Mommy Mondays: 11 Months

 Weight: 20lbs 5oz (+ 12lbs 15oz)
 Height: 28.5" (+ 8.5")
 Head: 18.25" (+ 4.95")

Sleep:  We had a couple of amazing nights this month where he basically slept all the way till wakeup....If you're okay with waking up at 6am and 5am.  Luckily for us, Thatbaby isn't, so he's fairly easy to get back to bed at that time.

Eating: Weekday eating remains the same.  He still vacillates between 3 and 4 bottles at daycare in addition to his lunch and snack.  We'll see how things go when he moves to the "blue room" tomorrow.  Because there they're only offered milk 3 times a day, and he may miss the morning milk session. On the weekends, he's definitely nursing less during the day - going longer between sessions.  I don't want my supply to drop though, so I'm encouraging him to eat more often for now.

Best Moment: He's really developed a sense of humor this month and loves doing things to make us laugh - like his scrunch face, where he scrunches up his nose and sniffs in and out of it while making duck lips.  He purposely does it when he wants us to smile or laugh.  And apparently he acts wacky at daycare to elicit smiles/laughs from them too.  I love it. 

Monthly Wisdom: Well we made it through our first airplane trip and our first family vacation!  It was a learning experience, but we all survived.  As I said before, Thatbaby's personality is really starting to show through this month.  And we're so very lucky, because he is showing more and more that he is kind, and sweet, and funny. 

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- According to our parent teacher conference, Thatbaby is still a bit wobbly on his legs.  Even though I'm not anxious for him to start walking, we need to do more finger walking/practicing.
- This next month is all about birthday party prep!

Things Thatbaby is doing:
- Scrunch face
- Raising the roof with his hands, or waving them like jazz hands at his side.
- "Monster screams" where he does a little growl/scream and then laughs hysterically.
- initiating peek-a-bo.
- pushing cars/hampers/chairs to "practice" walking
- climbing the small climbing structure at daycare and working on the big climbing structure
- dancing, all the time.  There's chair dancing during meals, sitting and bopping, holding hands and dancing, climbing up chairs and rails, and any structure and dancing.
- I think he's starting to associate the mamamamamas with me and the dadadadadas with Thatboy.
- Swimming in the ocean
- Our baby sign language isn't going by the book, but when Thatbaby wants more, he reaches towards the object and does a little noise.  When he's done he wipes his hands together.


  1. He sounds like he's an amazing kid! I love that his personality is shining through! Adorable.

  2. He is adorable. In fact, he is eat em up cute!

    Don't worry about him walking. He will be doing it soon, when he is ready, and not a moment sooner, no matter what extra work you do with him to make it happen. Then he will run, and you think you are exhausted now (laugh).

    I am enjoying watching/reading about that baby growing up. When I started reading your blog, I don't think thatbaby was born just yet.


  3. Oh he is so, so cute and the same age as my Walker!!

    I have yet to do an airplane trip! Glad you made it through!

  4. That Baby is happy and healthy and sounds like great company to be around.