Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Way Home

The last time we saw our fearless twosome, they were stranded somewhere in the middle of a desert known as "Palm Springs." It's about time we caught up with them to see if they made it out alive.

This is why I love the desert. Where else can you get a view of the mountains surrounded by cactus? And, for the record, this is what our mountains typically look like in the winter. See how there's only snow at the top? So you can understand how amazing it was for me a couple weeks ago to see snow all the way down to the base.

On our way home from Palm Desert, we saw something very suspicious and decided to investigate....

Is that a?

Holy Crap! Dinosaurs in the desert! Actually, I knew they were there and had mentioned them in passing a couple weeks earlier. Thatboy had no idea what I was talking about. "Really? You've never stopped at the Pee Wee Dinosaurs?" Again. Blank look. "The ones from Pee Wee's Big Adventure?" He had no idea. So I pointed them out on our last trip, and promised we could stop there on our way home this time.

Thatboy and the famous T-Rex from the movie. You'll not he's also modeling my race shirt (which is why the sleeves are a little short on him). I'm not going to lie, getting a long sleeved shirt was definitely incentive to participate.

And us inside the mouth of that very same T-Rex! Don't you LURVE my new sunglasses? I do!

We also got to head into the belly of this apatosaurus, but since it's a giant gift shop, I didn't think it was quite as impressive a photo op.

Ummmm, Thatboy? Don't look behind you, but you may want to start moving VERY QUICKLY in the other direction!

Neither of us are quite sure what this knight was fighting. I don't remember there being any dinosaurs in Camelot......

And then we were off! But not without a quick snack stop.

Hadley's is a great place to pick up dried fruits, nuts, snacks, jams, and various other sundries. And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Palm Desert without getting a date shake!

We had ours with an egg salad sandwich. The sandwich wasn't anything special, but I do love those date shake! - Vanilla ice milk and chopped dates, all blended together.


  1. Can't believe he'd never been to the dinosaurs!

  2. i've never been to the dinosaurs, either.


  3. I've heard of the date shake before, and have only tried a tiny sip of my friend's. I wonder if I can make that at home. Probably pretty easy and simple!

    Wheee! Dinosaurs!