Sunday, May 05, 2019

Sunday Runday: Sharon's Ride 2019

Welcome once again to my Sharon's Ride race recap.  We've been taking part in this race for years now, and so there's not as much of a need to recap the same thing over and over again.  As usual, Thatbaby was all about getting his face painted.

The new experience for me this year was running with Thatkid.  Which, in itself, wasn't such a new experience.  We've been doing this race together almost since we first started doing it.  But this year, he really got into gear.  He always either rides his bike, or scooters, but ends up complaining after a short while and being dragged on his scooter by me.  I typically think of this as a walk more than a run.

But this year, the kid took off on his scooter and basically disappeared from sight.  I had to run at top speed and I still couldn't keep up with him.  This picture?  It's him passing me on his way back before I even got to the turnaround.  And then he was gone again.  Luckily I found him waiting for me beside the finish line when I finished.   And after all that running, I was only too happy to sit beside him and wait for Thatboy and Thatbaby to finish. 

After the race we stopped off for some free shaved ice.

There's always some treat after the race  (and before the race) but shaved ice is definitely my favorite!

Face paint - check
Fast race - check
shaved ice - check

Another successful race!

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  1. It must be some sort of milestone when your kid passes you in a race!